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As an Expatriate You Have Two Different Travel Insurance Plan Options That Fit Different Needs:

  1. Short-Term Medical Coverage for up to 6 Months – See the details

    • Covers you if you have no other health coverage or can supplement your regular plan
    • These plans have limited pre-existing medical conditions coverage
    • You can have large or small deductibles
  2. Long-Term Medical Coverage for at Least 6 Months – See the details

    • These plans are from Cigna Global
    • You can have overall annual benefits of $1,000,000 or $2,000,000 or Unlimited
    • Three levels of essential core cover, Silver, Gold and Platinum to choose from. Our core policies cover for inpatient, day case surgery and accommodation costs. In addition, essential cover for cancer and mental health care are provided for. Gold and Platinum policies also offer cover for inpatient and daypatient maternity care.
    • Covers you even if you have no other health coverage
    • You can have large or small cost share after deductible and out of pocket maximum

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